I N D U S T R I A L + W A S T E L A N D


The Industrial Wasteland series are compilations that feature local and national acts from the Industrial, Goth, EBM and Alternative underground scenes. These compilations are digital-only releases that feature an array of unique songs that will open both your ears and minds to the music of the underground. Whether you're already a fan, or you're looking to expand your horizons, the Industrial Wasteland series are a guaranteed way to plunge yourself deep into the underground.

To download songs from the compilations, please visit the links to the volumes above.

To know more about the artists featured on the compilations, links to their websites are featured underneath their song download links.



 Industrial Wasteland: Volume 1 May 2011
 Industrial Wasteland: Volume 2
 October 31, 2011
 Industrial Wasteland: Volume 3
 June 12, 2012
 Industrial Wasteland: Volume 4 TBD

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: The artists featured on these compilations have provided permission to feature their song(s) on the Industrial Wasteland series and on the websites provided for download in connection with these compilations. Each band/artist/act reserve their own individual rights to the song(s) they contributed to these compilations.